23 April 2020

Buying an Application Integration Software? A Quick Checklist!

Application Integration Software Checklist

Businesses use different kinds of data to support decision-making, strategy formulation, and day-to-day operations. Various software systems gather this data. For instance, a company might use software for critical tasks such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, financial reporting, and supply chain management. Often, one software requires data gathered by another. But, when there is no integration among applications, data silos are the result. According to an article by Forbes, data silos are a serious business problem. The solution? Application integration software!

What is Application Integration Software?

Application integration refers to the process of enabling different software applications (each with a different purpose) to work together seamlessly to support agile business operations. Application integration software allows various applications to communicate and share data.

For example, an ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 can connect with your CRM (customer relationship management), project management, supply chain, financial, inventory, human resource system, and sales software.

To-Increase offers Connectivity Studio, an application integration software that synchronizes your systems with speed and accuracy.


Why Invest in Application Integration Software?

Without application integration software, you would require programming efforts and manual intervention to integrate enterprise applications. Integration software such as Connectivity Studio offers a range of benefits.

Application integration software:

  • Offers seamless exchange of information between different systems
  • Enables smooth and efficient business operations
  • Eliminates data silos and facilitates productive use of data
  • Fast-tracks business processes and boosts ROI
  • Automates business workflows

Read this case study to find out how To-Increase assisted a global outdoor play equipment company, BERG, take advantage of a business integration solution. Connectivity Studio facilitated the interaction between their ERP and warehouse management system.


Why is it Essential to Choose the Right Application Integration Software?

Selecting an application integration solution that fits your business needs correctly is not as easy as it seems. Besides, it is incredibly crucial that you choose the right one for your business because:

  • You run the risk of wasting a lot of time and money
  • An incorrect solution could cause chaos in your business processes
  • You may face business interruptions
  • It could turn out to be a wrong investment

Keep in mind that integrations require proper design and configuration before they can facilitate connected processes. At To-Increase, we help you design, configure, and maintain application integrations that meet your business needs. We also offer training programs and workshops if you need to enable your teams to perform this task.

There are certain factors you must consider before deciding to invest in any application integration solution. And, our application integration checklist covers all those points to guide you in making this vital decision. 

Consider these 7 factors before investing in an application integration software.

Jerry Caous
Jerry Caous,
Jerry Caous,
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