19 September 2019

What Are the Benefits of Meeting Our Team at Directions EMEA?



As we had informed you in our earlier blog, our team is super-excited about attending the Directions EMEA event. We are looking forward to interactions, meaningful exchange of information, and extensive networking with the entire partner community. The benefits are clearly numerous, and we know it. However, we want to tell you what you can gain from meeting our team there.

Our team of experts will be focusing on a few specific areas, including the following:

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing: Meet our experts to get a snapshot of the way our products in this domain have been put together. Learn about the scope of services you can expect on the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. Our expertise in this field includes Advanced Job Management budgeting, planning, Resource Management, Job Warehousing, Manufacturing Integration, and Service Integration.

Food Manufacturing and Distribution: Our experts at the event can help you work your way through the Food Core Solution (for essentials, lot tracking, allergen management, shipping, pricing, etc.), Manufacturing (process, by-product, delivery management, container tracking, warehouse, etc.), Distribution, Quality Control, Commodities (costing and payment) Deduction Management, Rebates, etc. and Food Item Lifecycle Management.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Have an in-depth discussion with our team at the event to understand the scope of the solutions we offer in this area. You will discuss solutions that let you leverage mobility to improve productivity. As you know, today, mobility is an essential aspect of being a success in the world of business.  Take for instance, how the power of mobility can help you improve warehouse operations.  Take a peek at our solution portfolio for business integration include MDM, EDI, and much more.

Quality Management: Our experts can take you through how our QM solution helps you have a consistent and efficient method to test and maintain records of the quality data for your operations. It covers the entire lifespan starting from the receipt of goods to maintenance. The best part is, the solution is out-of-the-box, and based on the best practices we have gleaned from our vast experience in the industry.

If you want to schedule a more in-depth meeting with our experts, write into us so that we can help you do that during the event or otherwise.

Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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