3 April 2023

To-Increase’s Solutions for D365 F&SCM Are Now Available in 10 Different Languages

To-Increase Solutions for D365 F&SCM available in 10 different languages


We have enabled Microsoft Dynamics Translation Service for all our solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (D365 F&SCM)   

Veenendaal, The Netherlands, April 2023
At To-Increase, we believe in simplifying customer challenges, and we build solutions for Microsoft-based ERPs. Staying true to this motto, we are excited to announce the launch of our AI-Driven integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Translation Service for all our solutions available on D365 F&SCM. This new feature will help us deliver all our D365F&SCM solutions in 10 languages to our customers at no additional cost.   

We use both standard product labels and new labels for our D365 solutions. Standard labels from Microsoft are already translated whereas new labels remain in English. As a result, users in countries where English is not the first language, were only able to use our solutions in English which can be challenging with a language barrier.  

At To-Increase, we are constantly working to upgrade our solutions and also encourage customers to participate by sharing feedback. We had earlier launched an in-app feedback option in our D365 solutions, where our customers can share their feedback and requests while using our solutions. We did receive multiple requests for translations in other European languages. We picked the most requested languages and added them to our roadmap. 

Besides customer feedback, while working on our product roadmaps, we also take into account market trends and industry reports. One of the findings was a preference of consumers toward products in their own language. Based on a report by CSA Research, 76% of the respondents from 29 different countries said that “they prefer products with information in their own language”. Although we understand that this preference is strongest amongst those with English as their second or third language, but even then, 60% of those who are most confident in reading English, favor using a product available in their native language. 

Additionally, we believe in simplifying our solutions for business users. Thanks to AI-driven automation, we can ease tasks like translations thereby improving customer experience and increasing engagement. To start off with, our solutions will be available in 10 languages​ including: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. 
Please refer to our release notes for details of the supported locales per language. 

These new languages will be available for all our customers and there are no prerequisites or additional hidden costs. To take advantage of this, you can simply select and change the language in your application.  

Using any of the available translations is risk-free and if needed we will work on improving labels based on customer feedback. Therefore, we encourage customers to share feedback on their experience to help us make further improvements. (Look for the smiley in the navigation, click on it, and share your feedback with us.) 

A few things to note:  

  • To-Increase will continue to offer its services to partners and customers in English.  
  • Our website, product documentation, release notes, and any other updates will be available in English. 

About To-Increase

Founded in 2005, To-Increase provides business software solutions to over 2200 mid-market and enterprise customers in 45 countries. Our asset-centric solutions include engineering, manufacturing, servicing, and renting or leasing assets. We also deliver customer-centric solutions that help companies align technology with strategic goals, operate more efficiently, and provide the best possible experience to their customers. Across devices, business locations, and work environments, To-Increase offerings help companies master their unique requirements with standardized technology that is easy and economical to deploy and maintain.

To-Increase is the only three-time 'Microsoft Dynamics Global Outstanding ISV of the Year' award winner and offers an impressive portfolio of industry, business, and technical productivity solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

For additional information reach out to:
Michiel Toppers – Senior Product Director, To-Increase 

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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