14 April 2020

New Security Certificate for To-Increase Solutions

A new security certificate will be released for all To-Increase products for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and D365. With effect from August 29, 2020, this updated certificate is mandatory for both existing and new solutions.

As part of the new security certificate, your license(s) will be renewed (or required to be renewed), and we will send your unique license(s) to you by email for all AX Customers, Dynamics 365 licenses will be made available through LCS.

What is the security certificate?

This certificate is required to assure you that the software deployed is a valid To-Increase software and not an unlicensed copy. This digital check, which is executed during installations and upon installing the license files, ensures that you are dealing with the right software you have purchased. This certificate expires every three years.

What do you need to do now, as a customer or partner?

Nothing, at this point. Our To-Increase Customer Success Team will reach out to you (after May 29, 2020) with clear instructions for customers. The same team will also contact all partners to set up a process that works best for all To-Increase customers. This team will keep tabs on your experience with all To-Increase solutions.

It can be helpful to add this security certificate to your Dynamics hotfix schedule.

What will happen when my security certificate is expired (after August 29)?

Customers using To-Increase Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain solutions will not experience any disruptions if the AOS services are kept running. However, when the AOS services are shut down (either for servicing operations or due to an incident), it is critical to implement the hotfix and renew the licenses before recovering the services. The implementation of the hotfix and the renewal of the license files are mandatory steps as a consequence of the Microsoft ISV Licensing framework to ensure compliance and authenticity of ISV IP. Read more about this framework here.

Once the required fixes and licenses are up to date, the certificate will be valid for three years, where the same update will be required to apply to your Dynamics AX and 365 Operations & Supply Chain platforms.

How will I receive my update and licenses?

I’m running my To-Increase Solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Cloud) 
We will automatically include the new certificate in the upcoming release (May ‘20). It will be made available according to our standard procedures via LCS. Please be aware that this new release will require an updated license file.  

You will receive detailed procedures in our next communication. Request your updated license, when you’re planning to uptake the May release to avoid any delays in your process. 

I’m running my To-Increase Solution with Microsoft Dynamics AX2012  
We will make hotfixes available for downloading via the To-Increase support portal, followed by (or: including) the relevant standard To-Increase procedures. The installation details will also be available through a knowledge base article in the same portal. 

You will receive detailed procedures, as well as the licenses and hotfixes, before mid-June. 


Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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