5 July 2016

Cloud directions: Cloud-native applications are on the increase


When you want the best quality of cloud application development, cloud-native is the way to go

As containerization and more flexible hybrid cloud environments enable greater manageability and flexibility, technologists will find ways to take better advantage of the cloud. The emphasis will be less on savings and efficiencies and more on how the layers of cloud technology can support valuable services and deliver measurable results.

Instead of serving IT needs for operating efficient, resilient networks and infrastructures, cloud-native applications will incorporate the main characteristics of the cloud to meet business needs in a way only they can. Microservice architectures will make cloud-native strategies agile and efficient. Cloud-native development will also rely on the automation of the infrastructure and services to deliver applications.

Spending patterns promote cloud-native trends

Serious efforts are underway to ensure that the notion of cloud-native applications remains meaningful and continues to translate into real-life business advantages. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation brings together a number of leading cloud technology companies to standardize and harmonize containerized application development. Disagreements regarding containerization technologies promoted by Docker and Google will likely be resolved in the organization’s framework.

Current spending trends in IT clearly favor cloud-native applications both because of the cloud economy as well as because of their close alignment with business objectives. In many companies, significant portions of the IT budgets move into business control and are used to gain services that benefit from the more predictable, controlled resource and cost management of the cloud.

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Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
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