25 May 2020

Business Central Product Management Update May 2020

We, at To-Increase, are continuously working on maintaining and updating our solutions—especially now, to be prepared in these difficult times. And, here’s a short update for you on the current situation of our solutions.

Food Manufacturing & Distribution

We have successfully upgraded our Food solution to version 15 CU3. This release is now available on our portal for the W1 and NA versions on-premises.The existing 15.0 online version will be upgraded to 15.3 within the next two weeks.

The on-premises version does offer support for the label printing functionality as you know it. However, it does not yet include the BC Anywhere for Food add-on, as that requires a remarkable facelift in UI and UX that we are currently working on. We expect this to be released for the current version at the end of May.

At the same time, we are merging our solution into the newly available major version 16. Microsoft has once again made significant technical changes in this version, which we are analyzing to plan for the upgrade. We can’t provide an ETA yet for this version but will communicate at the earliest opportunity.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Product Engineering

Both the Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (IEM) and Product Engineering (PE) solutions are now available on the 15.3 platform on-premises.

IEM is available for download from our portal in the W1, NA and NL versions. The NL version contains the Dutch captions translations file as well.

PE is available as a completely separate extension to add on an on-premises installation in either W1, NA and NL version. There is no language localization code—therefore, the package contains a single app to install and two additional language files.

We are currently working on two things, here:

  • Upgrading IEM to the new major version 16, which is currently in progress, but we can’t give you an ETA yet. We will update you on this at the earliest opportunity.
  • The functional improvement of the Quality Management module, followed by the release of app on AppSource. QM solution will be the first official app that the Business Central team can download from AppSource and install on any BC base app. Please stay tuned for more news on this development.

Business Integration Solutions (BIS) and Anywhere

Our BIS and Anywhere on-prem solutions have been released to the market on version 15.3. They are currently in the testing stage for version 16, and we expect them to be released by the end of this month.

Our main target, here, is to bring these solutions to the online platform and we are working closely together with Microsoft on this technically challenging project. As you know, our BIS solution runs mostly on .NET technology, and that is not allowed on the Business Central online platform. Therefore, we will need to convert the code to other platforms or solutions.

Roadmap & Solution Vision

We are working on several supporting documents and videos that our partners can download and use, as well as making it easy for them to create demo-environments using our solutions.

These documents and videos contain vision documents and roadmaps, telling the story of how we see our solution now and where we think it will be five years from now. We have a solution roadmap for the next two years to give you an insight into our plans and include you in the discussions around it.

We are committed to developing only customer-oriented new functionalities and, hence, request you to provide feedback on our products so we can expand and improve together.

Demo Environments

Creating the demo-environments has not become any easier with the release of the AL-based version of BC and the associated move from on-premises to online.

We reiterate that the behavior of our on-prem and online solutions will always be the same irrespective of whether you demo from a cloud-tenant, an installation on your laptop, or a Docker container in a VM. However, there will be significant differences in the way these environments are set up.

We are determined to support you in providing meaningful and exciting demos to your prospects and customers. Therefore, we have decided to start adding additional information on the installation of our solutions in our online help content:


You can find extensive documentation on all our BC solutions including installation support and release information on our online help site https://businesscentral.to-increase.com  

Our NAV help for NAV 2018 is once again available through www.to-increase.com/navhelp

Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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