Business Central Product Management Update July

Jul 8, 2019 5:28:24 PM


We are pleased to present our 3th Product Management Update for 2019. A lot continues to happen at Microsoft and To-Increase. In this issue, we will start with a general update followed by an update for different product groups or topics.

Business Central Product updates 

Business Central Business Integration Solutions (BIS)

BIS for Dynamics 365 BC On-Premises 14.RTM is available on our portal.

This version has made a breakthrough; we have achieved a huge performance improvement compared to previous versions.

Please note that the <NetFX40_LegacySecurityPolicy Enabled = “True”> is now the correct value in the Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.Server.EXE config file.


Business Central Anywhere

ANY for Dynamics 365 BC On-Premises 14.RTM is now also available on our download portal.

The update for BIS also applies to BC Anywhere. The setting in the config file needs to be changed, and the BIS-framework needs to be uninstalled and re-installed.

 ‘Where-Used’ button is a new feature in BC Anywhere. This button provides a view of information on where the activity or parameter is being used in the process. You can find the button in the ribbon of the page ‘Process Activity List’ and ‘Process Parameter List.’


Food Manufacturing & Distribution

Food for Dynamics 365 BC On-Premises 14. RTM W1 and NA are now available for download from our portal.

Two new areas of functionality have become available. The first is the new pricing information on the ‘Sales Order Guide’ page, which includes detailed visibility into all the different price-agreements available, and detailed information on the available ‘Sales Contracts.’ It is now easier for the user to select a specific price from an available sales price line. This will override the price-recalculation when you re-enter a quantity. Finally, there is detailed visibility into expected margins in amount and % of the item level and the amounts per Item category.

The second area is on the ‘Delivery Route’ setup. It was earlier possible to create a sales order for a customer without a valid delivery route, however, with these changes, when a customer has a delivery route set up, and you plan a sales order for a non-valid day, the delivery day will shift to the next available valid date. A notification on the top of the sales order will inform the user of this change.


Industrial Equipment Manufacturing / Product Engineering

IEM for Dynamics 365 BC On-Premises 14.will become available for W1, NA, and NL shortly.

This version has major redevelopment of functionality and the addition of exciting new features.

IEM now supports negative planning lines. Not only does a ‘Warehouse Return’ get posted back into inventory but it also updates project budgets and project ledger entries.

Previously, IEM supported the creation of a service item when the shipping of a (part of a) project deliverable was posted through a sales order. Now, the creation of the service item also occurs when the delivery is posted through an inventory pick or a warehouse shipment.

We have simplified integrations between resources and capacity centers. We have separated the recording time for operators and machines. These changes are a precursor to have NAV Anywhere processes for IEM and enable time registration using mobile devices while remaining inside the Business Central framework.

Finally, similar production order routing operations within a ‘Production Order’ can be combined into one resource task, to simplify the structure and save time on setup.


Looking forward to the fall release...

The fall release is coming soon, and we are preparing for yet another major shift in the delivery of our solutions. With the fall release, the C/AL code has been removed and upgraded to AL. The FOB-files are no longer available, but we will make sure you, as a partner, will still be able to change and update the code as you are used to doing. Also, the Windows client will no longer be available and all user interface transactions will go through the Webclient or the Universal App. We are working hard to make this transition as easy as possible, even though that may mean the way we approach certain processes might change. We will keep you informed about these changes if and when they occur.

For BC Anywhere, we are putting in the final touches of the first installment of the User Interface change. This project delivers a major change to the look and feel of the BC Anywhere processes, and offers a new way to define the processes. More details will follow in the weeks to come.

Finally, like all other ISVs and VARs, we are working on our transition to the cloud. The process remains a struggle as we move towards our end-goal of a complete online presence for all our solutions. You will get more information on our online strategy in our next Product Management Update.

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