Business Central Product Management Update April

Apr 29, 2019 9:16:45 AM


We are pleased to present our second Product Management Update for 2019. A lot continues to happen at Microsoft and To-Increase. In this issue, we will start with a general update followed by an update for different product groups or topics.

4 general updates for Business Central


1. AL and Webclient only – Moving to Online solutions

We have learned from Microsoft, that with the fall release of 2019, the C/AL language as well as the Windows client will be discontinued. This means To-Increase as ISV, must deliver solutions based on AL and focus on the Webclient and Universal App.

We are currently working on converting our solutions to AL with Microsoft. When the fall release becomes available, we will start integrating our solutions in the version. We will deliver our upgraded solutions that you are used to; the difference being that it will be in the form of AL-files instead of a C/AL solution.

This transition from C/AL to AL is a major step towards going online with our products. We are also working closely together with Microsoft to bring our solutions online for this aspect, but we cannot provide a release date for online availability yet.


2. General Release cadence

Now that Microsoft has released its new version 14 or the ‘Spring 2019’ release, we are working on the upgrade of our solutions to that version.

However, this is a break from tradition in that the:
- Microsoft cadence of 1 major version each year and cumulative updates each month is changing to 2 major versions per year
- With a limited timeframe to support that version with CUs

We will keep track of the direction Microsoft is moving with these updates and will adjust in the best feasible way.


3. Customer loyalty campaign

From the beginning of May and for the remainder of the second quarter of 2019 To-Increase will have a customer loyalty campaign. We will offer existing customers the possibility to buy extra users, upgrade their modules or add new modules with a discounted license price. We have sent a separate email regarding this. If you have not received this email or want to know more about this campaign, please contact Rogier Huussen


4. Licensing policy from NAV to Business Central

As you have customers that are currently on NAV and want to move to Business Central on-premises the question arises: what will happen with the To-Increase licenses? To-Increase follows the same policy as Microsoft does. If you have a customer that is upgrading, please notify To-Increase about this for the license change to be processed at To-Increase as well. If you have any questions about this or are in doubt, please contact Rogier Huussen


Business Central Product updates 

Business Central Anywhere

We are currently working on a major overhaul of the look and feel of the Anywhere framework and processes. We are working towards a first release in the first half of June, where we will introduce several changes. Some of the changes include:

- Refresh of the images
- Brick-style lists
- Default button indication
- Placing buttons anywhere on the page
- Mixing lists and buttons so that buttons are no longer placed at the bottom of the page by default.
- Allowing styles to be applied to text and buttons

In later updates, we will introduce the possibility to sort and filter on lists and add more flexibility in applying style-sheets to the data.


Business Integration Solutions

Performance Update

Ever since Microsoft introduced version 2013R2, the TI solutions for Dynamics NAV and Business Central needed a change in the NAV.Server.EXE.Config for the “NetFx40_LegacySecurityPolicy enabled”.

The default value from Microsoft was TRUE to prevent loss of performance in Dynamics NAV when you create reports in PDF format. The old BIS versions required a setting of FALSE and this led to increasing performance issues in our solutions.

Research has led to a change in our .NET framework and as a result, our new BIS versions can now use the default setting without loss of functionality and performance. Therefore, we are happy to announce we have a BIS hotfix for all supported versions (2016 CU15, 2017 CU13, 2018 CU13, and Business Central CU1).

When you download and apply this hotfix, please read the added release notes and installation instructions carefully!

You can now download the latest Cumulative Upgrade for 2018, which is CU13, on the releases.

Food Manufacturing & Distribution

New features in development

We are currently developing functionality for pricing and margin information during order intake and improvements to the Delivery Trip functionality for our food solution. We are trying to deliver this new functionality in our Business Central Spring release; we will keep you informed of that progress.

You can now download the latest Cumulative Upgrade for 2018, which is CU13, on the releases.


Industrial Equipment Manufacturing / Product Engineering

Simplification and new features

We are currently working on a general improvement and simplification of the solution, making it more robust and easier to apply to situations customers need for IEM.

You can now download the latest Cumulative Upgrade for 2018, which is CU13, on the releases.

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