3 September 2019

Are You Attending the Directions EMEA Event?



Any event that promises to help you drive innovation and success leveraging Dynamics 365 Business Central must be worth attending; right? Which is why our team at To-Increase is fully charged and looking forward to attending the event. What is more, the event is an avenue for the Microsoft partner community to get together for collaboration and chart a growth path for themselves with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

As you know, topics like Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Power Platform, Azure, Machine Learning, transition to the cloud, and more will be the point of focus during the event. Given all that the event will entail, we list here the main benefits of attending the event:

Collaborate with partners: An event like Directions EMEA is a golden opportunity to collaborate with other players in the market, the partner network, and the Microsoft team to benefit from the resulting synergies. The exchange of information, troubles faced, and the lessons learned can pave the path to future projects.

Enhance your business model: The transition to the cloud model is something that is a reality today. Your interactions with Microsoft team members and other partners can help you take the right steps to enhance your business model. What is more, you can engage with new Dynamics 365 Business Central customers and help NAV customers to migrate to Business Central.

Transform the market: The concept of Business Central is that it is an integration platform that can break barriers between solutions and applications. You can leverage all the information you glean from this event to help transform the market.

Meet our team of experts: Our team (Rogier, Martijn, Nico, and Adri) consisting of experts from the Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Enterprise Mobility, and Quality Management domains are eager to meet and interact with you. Use this interaction to learn about all the exciting solutions we have in our portfolio to empower innovation. Our solutions in the different domains like Discrete Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Business Productivity, and Business Integration can help you consolidate your business to optimize operations, grow in your industry, and lead the sector with optimum solutions.

Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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