What is the best ERP system for manufacturing?

October 26, 2017

Early ERP for manufacturing platforms may have had most of the functionality you needed, but usability was poor. Or you may have had to make extensive, costly customizations to get the software working right. Fortunately, we’ve moved on from that.

The cloud has made it easier to implement and access systems without a large investment. Manufacturing ERP systems in the private or public cloud offer advanced capabilities in a secure environment. And cloud architecture makes it possible to organize software capabilities in the form of discrete workloads.

The right manufacturing solution will have standardized, robust integrations. It should provide 80% or more of the functionality you need. Configuration – not customization – should close most of any capability gaps that remain.

Because you no longer need to maintain distinct ERP and CRM systems, you can deploy CRM capabilities and manage customer relationships and experiences on the same platform.

Low-Risk, Affordable, and Cutting-Edge

The risk of a cloud-based ERP effort is low. You can try cloud software without the funding required for a proof-of-concept project.

Users can access manufacturing ERP from the production floor, or use their mobile devices when they’re out in the field servicing equipment or closing contracts. Many solutions offer role optimization.

Cloud ERP solutions follow a simple subscription model. You don’t hand over your budget upfront, you just pay for what you use. If you add employees, business units, products, or transactions, the cloud scales up. When you need less computing power and data storage, it scales back down.

What is the best ERP system for manufacturing? It should:

  • Help you transform your production and business processes for outstanding productivity
  • Make users’ lives easier
  • Grow with you
  • Enable measurable benefits within your preferred time frame
  • Support a fast, smooth implementation
  • Fit your budget

Today, it’s easier than ever to implement and take advantage of this kind of manufacturing solution.

To learn more about what modern ERP software helps you accomplish, download our whitepaper Manufacturing the Future.

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