Accounts Payable Automation; Technology Forging the Way Forward


Accounts Payable is an important aspect of a company’s operations and can affect the overall financial efficiency and reputation if not done properly. Automation of this process is one of the best ways forward. Optimize your accounts payable processes with automated workflows, clearer visibility into finances, and strategic insights to develop your business.

This whitepaper will help you understand:

  • How streamlining your accounts payable processes can improve the efficiency of your financial operations and establish control over the AP process
  • How the right accounts payable solution can help the many stakeholders in your organization
  • The main features that you should look for in your accounts payable solution

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“Shortly after the implementation of To-Increase Invoice Workflow we saw a month with our highest turnover ever, 80 percent more than budgeted. We had more invoices than ever before. Despite that, we had an unproblematic month-end. It’s very impressive.”

Per Bjerring, Group Operations Director, Ergonomic Solutions