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Enable quicker approvals, better supplier terms, and improve reporting

Control indirect spend with e-procurement

Many companies confirm that the procurement process can be complicated for those who oversee it and daunting for those who are seeking support from the procurement team. This is because the procurement process starts with a requirement from a department that is not familiar with the process. Then this team goes through the process of vendor identification, approval, and issue of the purchase order. Many a time, the process is so confusing that the requesting team opts for an ad-hoc purchase which is expensive and not the best option.

With an e-procurement module in your AP automation solution, you can turn this around and make it very easy for all the parties concerned. You can start with configuring a pre-approval-based purchase model to claim amounts spent indirectly. Enter a list of pre-approved vendors in the system to enable requesters to make the right choice and control unplanned spend. 

Make use of invoice matching to accelerate the request-to-purchase process and curb the need to make the procurement and purchase process simpler and more efficient. All these factors add up to better vendor relationship management and negotiation power, which can only result in more efficiency, the better quality of supplies, and lesser time spent on tracking expenses.


E-procurement factsheet

To-Increase MediusFlow Procurement application helps you organize the indirect procurement-related processes. Explore to see how you can use the solution to become self-sufficient when for the e-procurement of indirect materials and services.

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Manage invoices anywhere, anytime

Speed up the process of viewing and approving invoices from anywhere at any time. Enjoy the option to manage order-based and expense-based invoices on the go. View, comment, approve, and route the invoice to the next level of approval.

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The plug-and-play integration that MediusFlow offered to our Microsoft Dynamics ERP enabled a very rapid deployment throughout our group and geographies.

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How our e-procurement solutions help


Increase control over the procurement process to curb expenses


Make the procurement process simpler and quicker


Use the pre-approved vendor list option to quicken the process


Improve vendor and supplier relationships with better processes


Make claiming indirect spend reimbursement more organized


Get better quality of supplies from approved suppliers

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Danish bakery chain Lagkagehuset streamlines invoice approvals to increase employee productivity and save expenses. By implementing Invoice Workflow, Lagkagehuset gained substantial savings.
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