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Invoice Workflow

For Microsoft Dynamics AX

When companies streamline invoice management with To-Increase Invoice Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics, they can create their own fast-moving process to ensure that invoices are approved by the right people, consistently, and on time. They can also reduce administrative costs and workloads.

Invoice Workflow lets you perform predictable, reliable invoice management with automatic approvals and postings of recurring and other invoices that fall within the parameters you set. All other approvals are routed to invoice approvers or their delegates with timely, automatic notifications and reminders. Approvers can review, register, and approve invoices in a single screen. Extensive procuration checks ensure that only the right people approve invoices.

After scanning invoices, you can eliminate paper-based forms and manual data entry. You can store invoices electronically and retrieve them with a single click. Faster and more accurate invoice management also helps you improve vendor relationships and more easily capture early-payment discounts from vendors.

Invoice management with Invoice Workflow can incorporate your company’s best practices for the consistency and security of invoice processing. Typically, the solution is ready for use after a smooth, rapid implementation, and is easy to learn. Invoice Workflow is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics and has been widely adopted by customers across many industries.

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Invoice Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics AX


Invoice management options

You can route invoices through your approval workflow when they do not meet your criteria for automatic approval. Options include sequential or parallel approvals by individuals or groups; approver substitutes; approval per dimension, invoice type, or dimension combination; escalations; redirections; holds; and rejections.

Multi-company capabilities

Invoice Workflow lets you process invoices among companies, business units, or subsidiaries belonging to the same parent corporation and sharing financial services, as efficiently as it helps you handle invoices from external vendors.

ERP-wide visibility

Invoice Workflow integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics AX, making invoice management and approval-related information available throughout the financial processes in the ERP system.