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To-Increase MediusFlow

For Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and NAV

When you streamline your accounts payable with the To-Increase MediusFlow solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, AX, and NAV, you can increase the efficiency of the entire AP process with automated invoice workflows, better financial visibility, and strategic insights to drive your business forward.

The implementation of the cloud-based To-Increase MediusFlow helps you reduce manual work, accelerate invoice processing, and offer better control and visibility into your finances. To-Increase MediusFlow synchronizes with the backend D365/AX/NAV (or multiple systems, as necessary) for the Vendor Master, Chart of Accounts, PO, Goods Receipts, Invoices, etc. Because of the sync, when suppliers submit invoices either via paper, email attachments or through other multi-channel submission options, powerful AP automation supports accurate coding and approval of non-PO invoices and accurate matching of PO-based invoices.

Approved invoices are posted downstream into Microsoft Dynamics, which remains your financial system of record. Full archive, audit, and reporting is available directly in To-Increase MediusFlow: an end-to-end solution for true modernization of the AP process.

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To-Increase MediusFlow for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and NAV


Powerful Invoice Matching

Powerful, yet flexible and intuitive invoice matching functionalities making fully automated touchless invoice processing possible. You can automatically connect incoming invoices with the correct PO in your ERP, match invoice data on line-level detail to ensure a high touchless processing ratio, and quickly identify and review deviations to dramatically improve approval times.

Built-in Invoice Data Capture

A built-in invoice data capture solution that provides a revolutionary end-to-end user experience as well as advanced levels of automation, efficiency, and control. Transform your supplier invoices—converting any format—paper format, pdf, e-invoice, XML file or other into a standardized digital format.

Mobile Invoice Management

With the To-Increase MediusFlow solution, you can enable invoice approval whenever, wherever. You can enable the management of invoices from any device. Ensure high adoption levels by offering an efficient and user-friendly tool.

Measure KPIs and benchmarks

Access to process efficiency data—KPIs, dashboards, and benchmarks—to help drive process improvements and optimize the touchless processing rate. Enhance the ability of users to measure and monitor their AP process efficiency using key performance indicators (KPIs) within the solution.

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