10 June 2020

Why AP Automation Is a Must-Have for Retail Companies

The retail industry is one of the most competitive industries in the business world. This customer-facing industry is also highly dependent on a complex vendor network. The demands are dynamic, and there is an immediacy in the way they need to be met. Hence, a retail company must have a comprehensive and robust AP automation software to manage its voluminous account payable process.

The sheer volume of invoices that retail companies’ accounts payable departments process can be intimidating. Irrespective of the volumes, an efficient AP automation software with in-built data capture capabilities can streamline the accounts payable workflow with minimum manual effort.

AP Automation for Retail

Let us understand how AP automation addresses various accounts payable challenges in the retail industry:

Complex Processes

Retail companies deal with numerous vendors with diverse business portfolios. You need a specialized system that can handle complicated accounts and accelerate the workflow. Modern retail companies rely on automation to manage internal vendor management processes so that they can keep up with the speed of the rapidly evolving industry.

Process Blindspots

AP automation also helps eliminate the process blindspots that are generally caused by the traditional paper-based process. This software improves the visibility and transparency of the entire process. The enhanced transparency can keep the management updated about the status of the purchase order and payment approvals on a real-time basis.

Reporting Capabilities

Accurate reports are essential to make informed decisions, especially in the fast-paced retail sector. It takes tremendous effort and time to create effective reports manually. AP automation software simplifies reports creation. You can download system-generated customized reports from the AP automation software within minutes.

Vendor Management

AP automation cuts down the processing time of the invoices considerably. Hence, you can pay your vendors well within time. Early payments would also allow you to cash in on additional discounts. As AP automation manages a significant number of vendor payments efficiently, it also helps you build good relationships with your suppliers.

Customer Experience

The customer is the core of any retail company. With the rapid increase in the technology, expectations of the customers from retail companies have also increased. AP automation will help you meet the customer expectations for better quality, speed, and service by enabling you to purchase a range of quality goods as per the changing trends.

Productivity Issues

In terms of productivity, the retail sector is highly demanding. The manual accounts payable process takes a lot of your staff’s time. AP automation would not only ease the pain of the accounts payable process, but it can also increase productivity by a staggering 86%.

The Road Ahead

Automation is a necessity and not a luxury in today’s ever-evolving and competitive business world. The retail sector can especially benefit from the features offered by To-Increase MediusFlow. Our AP automation software can provide long-term advantages to your retail company. Our native data capture capabilities quicken the process and enable touchless invoice processing to speed up the entire AP process.

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