18 March 2020

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Invoice Management?

In today’s world, you cannot imagine living without mobile access; whether it is your personal life or professional life, mobile is the link that keeps us going. In the world of finance, including accounts payable, is no different.

Most companies have moved from manual AP to AP automation. When you have mobile access to your accounts payable automation solution, it will improve the overall efficiency of your AP processes.

Having a mobile option to your vendor invoice management can help you transform the way you manage your invoice approvals. When you make your vendor invoice management system accessible through mobile applications, it can not only streamline your accounts payable process but also increase your financial and operational efficiency.

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The benefits of Mobile Invoice Management include:

Timely Approvals

People who are authorized to approve payments within your invoice approval process may not always be in the office. Hence, a mobile option would enable them to access and approve the invoices when they are out of office or on the move.

Access to invoices and purchase order requests when you are remotely located can not only minimize delays in approvals but can also reduce the time your team spends on follow-ups.

Achieve tangible cost savings

When you have an AP automation solution like MediusFlow, which offers an exceptionally intuitive interface and scalability across all mobile devices, access on the go becomes easier. You have a seamless and convenient experience that will encourage high levels of adoption.

Simplify tasks, avoid delays, accelerate processing lead times and achieve tangible cost savings with a scalable solution that can easily be used by all the team members on all devices. An intuitive interface transforms the invoicing process, giving everyone in your organization the flexibility to generate more value.

Easy Accessibility

You can use a cloud-based mobile application to provide 24/7 access to the invoices that are assigned to specific approvers. Along with this, it also offers real-time updates and notifications of recent activities.

Enhanced Communication

As the mobile option improves the visibility of the accounts payable process, your team will be well-informed of the status of the invoice approvals. The team will be more aware of outstanding issues and coordinate better with the help of tagging and notifications. All communication and questions via the mobile app is logged and available for audits later on. 

Better Time Management

The mobile app can help save a lot of time for your company’s employees by assisting them to track the invoices and approval status with minimum manual effort. Therefore, your workforce can focus on other business activities. 

Improved Vendor Relationships

As this application helps prune the delays in the payments to vendors, they would be willing to do more business with you. With the automated reminders and notifications before the payment due dates, the software can also help you minimize any late fees and penalties.  

Check on Deviations

The Mobile Invoice Management system can help you keep track of quantity deviations and price deviations of the order-based invoices. Your invoice approvers can request more information on the price or quantity deviations before they approve or sent this invoice directly to the procurement team who can decide on what to do with the deviation.

Additional Requests

Apart from additional information requests, users can also create adjustment requests for price or quantity deviations. The approvers can also add their comments before approving or rejecting any invoices.

Optional Coding Feature

This application usually comes with a feature that allows the users to add coding lines for expense invoices. The users can also approve or reject the coding lines as per their requirements.

To-Increase MediusFlow Mobile Invoice Approval application provides a comprehensive accounts payable package, which you can access from anywhere with a mobile device of your choice.

Watch this video to learn how this application will simplify tasks, avoid delays and achieve tangible cost savings with a scalable solution that can easily be used by all team members on all devices.

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Learn more about the benefits of mobile invoice management

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