New set of business processes helps contractors operate more effectively

Sep 23, 2014 12:00:00 AM

In a new content package for To-Increase RapidValue, our business process management (BPM) solution, we are providing a large number of proven, tested, effective business processes for government contractors. From compliance, to contract management, to all the details of project management, you can make use of these processes to become a more efficiently managed government contractor and better align your business management technology with your government contracting goals and strategy.

To-Increase is releasing several high-powered content packages for RapidValue, including one that’s important for government contractors and the technology partners that serve them. In collaboration with McGladrey, the well-known financial, tax, and assurance consulting enterprise, we have developed the 27 most important business processes for government contractors in RapidValue. These processes incorporate experience and best practices from hundreds of business and technology consulting engagements with new and well-established government contractors.

As a government contractor, you can use these RapidValue processes as part of your BPM initiative to bring greater efficiency and productivity to the way you work. We designed, tested, and packaged complex processes that take place across your government contracting business, including compliance, contract management, project management and planning, subcontractor management, and in other areas.

If you are newly getting into the government contracting business, this RapidValue process content provides you with a ready-to-go, effective business model that you can apply to your operation and shorten the start-up and learning phase. You can avoid some likely errors and inefficiencies by relying on the insight of other government contractors and consultants that is reflected in these processes.

If yours is a project-based manufacturing, construction, or professional services organization that is going to be working with To-Increase GovCon, our business management solution for government contractors, you can take advantage of these proven processes to optimize your solution implementation as well as your business activities for strategic alignment and results.

As mentioned in a blog post a few months ago, To-Increase is a member of the Microsoft GovCon Alliance. These RapidValue processes are a part of our initiative to develop new technology capabilities to complement our solution for government contractors, To-Increase GovCon.

To start using this process package in your government contracting business or find out more about it, please send me a note at bkuijt [at] or contact To-Increase.

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