Best practice: Government Contracting for Dynamics AX

May 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM

After supporting government contracting businesses for many years, it’s time for To-Increase to incorporate its expertise and industry vision into new solution capabilities. Our developer teams are working on new government contracting functionality; we expect to share exciting news in this regard through the next few months and the rest of the year. In summary, what we are doing for U.S. federal government contracting is bringing full compliance enablement to ERP, providing optimized business processes and industry solutions, and developing apps and capabilities to transform the digital relationships and performance management in government contracting companies.

Government Contracting with Compliance-Enabling ERP

Compliance enablement is a key need for any technology in use in government contracting. Supporting both the companies that perform government contracting and also serve the private market as well as those who engage exclusively in government contracting, To-Increase is bringing greater compliance to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Government contracting companies will have in Microsoft Dynamics AX the controls and capabilities to enable the information management, reporting, and transparency required in doing business with entities of the federal government. They will be able meet Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), satisfy Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR), and effectively executive contracts with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)—which requires certain standards in bidding on and running federal projects—or other federal agencies. They will gain the ability to meet the requirements of the Defense Contract Auditing Agency (DCAA) and serve a wide range of public-sector clients, including federally funded state-level projects. The ERP system will also make it efficient to manage time-and-materials and cost-plus contracts. As government contracting companies make their systems compliant, they can extend compliance to subcontractors, providing the same level of visibility and control at that level.

For government contracting companies, the ability to use Microsoft Dynamics AX to realize regulatory compliance and deliver the transparency the federal government demands will allow them to be viable vendors in a highly competitive market. In addition to reducing compliance risks for government contracting businesses, To-Increase also aims to reduce the cost and operational complexity of compliance by delivering a highly manageable and flexible ERP platform. By using Microsoft Dynamics AX, government contracting organizations will be able to run leaner, more agile operations with optimized resource planning.

Business Process Optimization and Industry Solutions for Government Contracting

Government contracting companies in manufacturing, construction, and professional services will also be able to take advantage of To-Increase functionality that is already available today, closely tailored to their industry. For example, such capabilities as Product Engineering, Advanced Project Management, or Visual Project Planning—all part of To-Increase Advanced Discrete Manufacturing—will facilitate the most productive business activities in government contracting. To that end, we will introduce new features and automations to support the management of proposals, costs, contracts, projects, and manufacturing in government contracting.

In our experience and that of many of our customers, value-driven business process management (BPM) is extremely effective in optimizing business processes and in aligning company strategy, processes, and ERP. To-Increase is collaborating with a leading organization of expert consultants in government contracting to incorporate effective, standardized processes and industry-best practices into our BPM tool, To-Increase RapidValue. Government contracting businesses can use RapidValue to perform successful ERP deployments with great efficiency. They will also be able to reap continuing benefits from BPM by using this approach to adjust their processes as business requirements change, and bring ever greater productivity to their processes and roles.

Government Contracting Apps to Improve Performance and Create More Productive Relationships

We always look for ways to help our customers move forward and become more innovative, valuable, and competitive businesses. Therefore, there’s much more we are planning for government contracting. In addition to providing all the compliance, controls, process optimization, and industry capabilities you need, we also want to bring a new quality to the relationships between government contracting companies and their clients. We are designing apps, for example, to enable federal clients to provide immediate feedback through social and mobile channels to government contracting companies, so they can evaluate and improve their performance in managing contracts and in such aspects of the business as timely, accurate invoicing and compliant, meaningful reporting. Government contracting businesses can incorporate that feedback into their performance assessments and improve their delivery. By lowering the threshold for clients to provide feedback to government contracting companies, it becomes easier for contractors to benchmark their performance and manage for improvements. You might also use a similar feedback mechanism to rate the performance of your subcontractors or any other digitally managed relationship.

When it comes to managing subcontractors, government contracting businesses are responsible for a vast amount of reporting and information gathering to provide federal clients with the expected level of transparency. The information management requirements are complex and time-consuming. We are envisioning an app that makes life easier for government contracting companies by simplifying and automating the process of soliciting all of this information about the detailed aspects of subcontractors’ businesses. A streamlined way of collecting subcontractor detail will ensure that government contracting companies indeed have all the data they need, reduce errors and omissions, take less time than current data-gathering practices, and likely also improve the quality and impartiality of the result.

We are in conversation with our customers and partners in government contracting to help us plan and decide regarding government contracting apps and their capabilities. If that is of interest to you, please get in touch by contacting To-Increase or reaching me on LinkedIn.

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