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Jun 16, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Today’s announcement of the Microsoft GovCon Alliance is a huge milestone for government contracting as an industry and for the ISVs and other technology providers that serve government contractors. The GovCon Alliance vision of “compliance and agility” instead of “compliance or agility” builds on Microsoft Dynamics AX as the cornerstone of government contracting technology to deliver powerful ERP that helps government contractors—long underserved by software providers—achieve regulatory compliance as well as perform efficient, profitable, strategic business management. To-Increase is thrilled to be participating in the GovCon Alliance together with Microsoft and some of the partners with whom we enjoy long-standing relationships.

A Government Contracting Solution from To-Increase within the Microsoft GovCon Alliance

As Microsoft’s Elliott Ichimura notes in his blog post about the Microsoft vision for government contracting and the GovCon Alliance, participating partners have to be able to demonstrate their ongoing engagement with government contracting customers and maintain year-over-year growth in the number of government contractors they serve. He also points out that the voice of the customer is essential in keeping the focus on both compliance and agility, so customers don’t have to make irrational decisions that don’t serve their business interests. At To-Increase, we have supported government contracting customers throughout our many years of growth, and our development teams consider customer requests and feedback as a primary directive in advancing our solutions.

Within the Microsoft GovCon Alliance, we will be offering To-Increase GovCon for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. To-Increase GovCon is built for government contractors in the project-based manufacturing, construction, and professional-services industries that we have served throughout the life of the company. To allow our customers complete flexibility in pursuing their target markets, our solution architecture is not restrictive—customers can use To-Increase technology to manage their activities in government contracting as well as those directed at commercial business.

Helping Government Contractors Achieve Compliance and Manage Their Operations in a Unified ERP Infrastructure

Compliance is the essential minimum of what an ISV needs to provide to even engage in the government contracting vertical. Therefore, To-Increase GovCon provides the tools and resources that help government contractors achieve compliance with such regulatory frameworks as CAS, DCAA, DCMA, and FAR. We also enable them to bring consistency, control, and resource-efficiency to their compliance efforts.

Traditionally, many technology providers have confined their solution delivery for government contracting to compliance-enabling software. When companies do business with both the public and the private sector, they need to implement separate ERP and business management systems. It is usually extremely expensive and inefficient for companies to run on partly redundant technologies, and the resulting complexity of the business software environment tends to impact business productivity negatively. It also becomes very difficult for companies to maintain control of their entire business and make smart, strategic decisions.

To-Increase takes a different approach. Within a flexible, unified ERP infrastructure based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, companies can achieve regulatory compliance and manage their contracts, finances, and operations to meet government contracting requirements. We also provide them with proven business process models to ensure the strategic alignment and effectiveness of their government contracting activities. In addition, we give them the tools to manage their complex projects at the best levels of efficiency and profitability, take full control of all their resources, and perform strategic business planning based on deep insight.

To make government contracting ERP securely available to business managers who need to ensure on-time delivery of budgets within firm financial parameters and to stringent quality standards, To-Increase GovCon will also include a number of powerful, easy-to-use apps. The first of these to be released, the GovCon Dashboard App, makes it easy to assess revenue projections, client satisfaction, invoicing, resource utilization, and project or program activities—from any connected device, at any time.

I will discuss our ideas and approach, and go into more detail regarding the capabilities of To-Increase GovCon, in my next posts.

Be sure to connect with the Microsoft GovCon Alliance and learn more about To-Increase GovCon. Download a brochure about the solution, navigate to

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