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Reporting Dashboards

Easily track, analyze, and monitor the health of your business

Enhance data visibility and ensure efficient business decisions 

Business Intelligence dashboards act as a valuable information management tool that visualizes and analyzes data to present it in a meaningful and useful way. 

Our reporting dashboards include reporting & analytics for each functional area along with an Excel report and a Power BI dashboard. Each of these is organized with multiple individual analyses or topics. This enables you to efficiently manage and measure business KPIs and, thus, make productive data-driven decisions. 
To-Increase also provides Excel and Power BI templates for self-service users to simplify the process of using itWe also offer training to help them become proficient in using Excel and Power BI, so they can leverage the DIS data model and generate customized data as required. 

Get insights into the key financial figures right from the superior management perspective in the dashboard to the detailed controlling level in the Excel report. Key figures may be categorized and analyzed based on accounts, account types, account categories, legal entities, and financial dimensions. 
Get insights into key sales figures to analyze, monitor, and evaluate turnover and profit on customers and items over time. Analyze the entire process (from sales to the invoice), including quotations, order entry, backlog, delivery, and invoicing  
Get insights into inventory turnover and ratio, storage periods, and balances, as well as projected stock, which further helps in optimizing cash flow, working capital, and inventory costs.  
Get insights into purchasing status, backlog, history, and vendor performance.  
Get insights into production throughput, delivery performance, waste, and costs as well as planned production compared to capacityProject DIS Solution gives you deep insight into your specific project details and a broad overview of your product portfolio at the same time. 



Get access to validated data

Ensure high-quality information and make effective business decisions Ensure high-quality information and make effective business decisions

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The plug-and-play integration that MediusFlow offered to our Microsoft Dynamics ERP enabled a very rapid deployment throughout our group and geographies.

― Andreas Frislund,,

Finance Manager,


Data Insights Studio for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Realize business value right from day one with Data Insights Solution. Get easy acceess to deep insights into your business situation, and respond to changes quickly and proactively. Thus, make well-informed decisions to reap optimal benefits.

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Jim Schwab

Analytics and Business Intelligence Expert