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Ensure efficient and agile access to your data and make effective business decisions

Improve your business decisions with easy access to the data. 

An easy, reliable, and comprehensive access to data leads to meaningful insights that help an organization make better decisions.  

Our Data Insights Plugin for D365 offers a flexible definition, formatting, and export of customized data sets that cater to specific requirements such as specialized data marts, data warehouses, auditing by external parties even simple data exports. The plugin carries end-to-end monitoring of the data flow as well, which ensures the data you identify and remediate any inconsistencies between the data from D365FO and your system. Thus, you are able to keep a check on regularity and data quality. 
Flexible data set configuration uses both standard Microsoft data entities as well as advanced Business Insights data entities. It offers flexible and easy data export scheduling. Consequently, you get the ability to combine different data sets and create your own data models that are relatively easy to consume and use across multiple scenarios.


Get easy access to business data

Ensure high-quality information and make effective business decisions Ensure high-quality information and make effective business decisions

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The plug-and-play integration that MediusFlow offered to our Microsoft Dynamics ERP enabled a very rapid deployment throughout our group and geographies.

― Andreas Frislund,,

Finance Manager,

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Data Insights Studio for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Realize business value right from day one with Data Insights Studio. Get easy access to deep insights into your business situation, and respond to changes quickly and proactively. Thus, make well-informed decisions to reap optimal benefits.

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Jim Schwab

Analytics and Business Intelligence Expert