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The role of CFOs and Finance teams today have evolved into a more comprehensive and vital one. In earlier times, the finance teams were required to look at various metrics to get data together, but today it’s more about having readily available and consumable data that aid in making strategic business decisions. This means the CFOs are now playing an instrumental role in business planning. It’s no longer about just sharing the results but also about executing strategies to achieve specific organizational goals.

The advancing technology has increased data accessibility, and the way the CFOs use this data to gain actionable insights is what differentiates a modern-day, successful CFO from the rest. Clearly, today’s CFOs are required to become more than just financial stewards who generate business reports. By combining all the organizational data to get actionable data insights to assess the current business situation, as well as work on creating, are necessary for effectively working toward your business goals.

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We can now close monthly accounts faster, as Invoice Workflow offers greater oversight and transparency for both the approvers and the accounting department. We have achieved greater efficiency throughout the organization and have freed up resources.

― Malene Terp,

Finance Manager,
Scandinavian Tobacco Group

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Jim Schwab

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