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Become data-driven and realize profits through actionable business insights

Data Insights Studio

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management

How Data Insights Studio Helps

Quick Start

Quick and easy start

With quick access to your data, explore and manage data to discover and share insights that help you realize business value.

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Data driven decisions

Gain deep insights into your business situation, and respond to changes quickly and proactively.

User Adoption

User Adoption

Accelerate user adoption with powerful analytics tailored to meet different people’s needs.


Self service reports

Extend the value of your data across the organization with self-service reporting templates.

Looking to steer your organization towards a data-driven culture through a robust data and analytics solution?


Data Insights Studio Advantage

Get a peek at the ease that Data Insights Studio can bring to your data access and analytics challenges. Besides dynamic access to the data, it also provides you actionable insights for your business.

What Data Insights Studio Offers

Data Export

Zero-programming setup of cross-company data export. Ensure efficient and agile access to your data on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation

Data Analytics


Data Validation

Define, validate and correct your master data. Provides the ability to validate master data for customers, vendors, and items. 

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Analytics and Reporting Dashboards

Out-of-the-box analysis provides the ability to rapidly deliver high quality dashboards for different functional areas of your business.

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BI Portal

A secure single point of access to an executive overview providing main KPI’s across all functional areas with easy navigation into detailed analysis within each area.

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Discover how our solution works

Discover how our solution works

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