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Mobile Invoice Management

Enable quicker approvals, better supplier terms, and improve reporting

Benefit from mobile invoice management to streamline the procure-to-pay process

Mobility is one of the technological advances that has been widely adopted not only because of the immense convenience that it offers, but also because it is straightforward to learn and use. You will find that our AP solution—To-Increase MediusFlow offers access on mobile devices of your choice. As a result, you have the option to approve invoices around the clock, avoiding a logjam of invoices that could occur when a key member is traveling or otherwise occupied.

When the mobility aspect of the solution is enabled on a mobile device of your choice and is also user-friendly, it leads to a higher adoption rate. With the facility to approve invoices, annotate them, and move them forward, you will see a marked improvement in the way you can process payments. The positive effects do not stop but permeate other areas like financial planning, better discounts, improved reputation, steadier working capital management, clearer audit trails, and overall reduced efforts.

The mobility aspect is not restricted to just approval of invoices but the whole processes making it easier to approve purchase requisitions with lesser impediments in project execution. When you consider the far-reaching effects of mobile invoice management, you will realize that it can even affect customer satisfaction.


Manage invoices anywhere, anytime

Speed up the process of viewing and approving invoices from anywhere at any time. Enjoy the option to manage order-based and expense-based invoices on the go. View, comment, approve, and route the invoice to the next level of approval.

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View and approve invoices on the go

View, comment, code, comment, and approve to send it to the next level of whetting and approval. Quickly approve invoices with no delays. Watch this video to view how To-Increase MediusFlow enables quicker and more efficient invoice approvals on desktops as well as mobile devices!

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The plug-and-play integration that MediusFlow offered to our Microsoft Dynamics ERP enabled a very rapid deployment throughout our group and geographies.

― Andreas Frislund,

Finance Manager,


Whitepaper: Mobile Invoice Management

To-Increase MediusFlow provides efficiency and control of the accounts payable process through automated invoice workflows, better financial visibility and the strategic insight to drive a business forward.

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How our Mobile Invoice solutions help


Enable mobile approvals for exceptions with ease


Avoid accumulation of invoices for payment to ease funds flow


Improve overall financial planning with quicker approvals


Reduce efforts involved in getting the approval of invoice payments


Use mobile devices of your choice with this solution


Ease understanding of invoices with notes to explain expenses

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Danish bakery chain Lagkagehuset streamlines invoice approvals to increase employee productivity and save expenses. By implementing Invoice Workflow, Lagkagehuset gained substantial savings.
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