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Each business is unique and requires a level of support that meets its specific needs. Because To-Increase recognizes this, we offer a choice of support plans that suit the requirements and budgets of our customers. 

Reselling and implementing partners usually raise support issues on behalf of their clients. The technology and industry experts in our support group deliver onsite and remote support with ambitious, closely tracked performance goals for customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of support delivery. The support team provides prompt, timely responses that meet and exceed service-level agreements. Closely connected with our research and development groups, To-Increase support experts create and deliver fixes and resolve customer challenges as efficiently as possible. Customers can augment their support agreements with additional incidents, hotfix support, advisory hours, and proactive services to address emerging issues.

At To-Increase, support is handled within the company and never outsourced—it comes from technology experts who understand the solutions and the thinking and roadmaps behind them, and know their way around real-life customer operating domains.Our support managers monitor and track all support interactions and outcomes to drive faster, more effective results for all our customers. You will always be able to get in touch with your support manager to review and improve our progress in resolving your support incidents.

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