BarTender Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

Connecting Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 and the popular Seagull Scientific BarTender barcode-label software, To-Increase BarTender Integration helps you create, print, and manage barcode labels with great flexibility and ease.

Once you integrate your ERP and barcode systems, you can fully benefit from advanced barcoding to accelerate warehouse data collection, track items, and minimize errors in managing items and their locations. BarTender Integration lets you include Dynamics 365 for Operations data in barcoded labels and print any label type from your data source, with the option to include graphics and images.

BarTender Integration is extremely easy to use. Most employees, already familiar with mobile barcode reading devices, require only minutes of training. After that, they rely on BarTender Integration to design labels directly from within Dynamics AX2012, and print almost any imaginable type of label, including location labels, retail shelf labels, shipping labels directly from pick routes, and barcodes.

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