RapidValue INTERACT: Social BPM for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

RapidValue INTERACT is a social BPM app that boosts employee and operational performance by providing personalized access to strategic processes and a modern platform for peer collaboration.

Companies use To-Increase RapidValue to align effective business process models, organizational goals, and software systems. RapidValue also helps them guide Dynamics AX2012 implementations and provides a content repository for process and solution documentation and guidance. As a companion solution to RapidValue, the only business process management (BPM) solution developed exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012, RapidValue INTERACT extends social BPM across the entire organization regardless of specific software systems.

Business processes, training videos, process flows, and related activities don’t need to be static. RapidValue INTERACT gives your BPM practice a productivity boost with personalized visibility of process models and content as well as a platform for social BPM interaction between individuals, business groups, and IT. Instead of letting innovative ideas for improvements languish in email exchanges and informal conversations, social BPM with RapidValue INTERACT enables employees to share them in a topic-driven forum. They can solicit peer feedback, which can be surfaced to managers and IT leaders.

RapidValue INTERACT augments employee process training with role-specific access to business processes. It goes far beyond training by delivering a unique social BPM platform where colleagues and teams can drive the evolution of standard operating procedures.

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