Advanced Configurator

Advanced Configurator

Increase the profitability of customer-specific products and services

Advanced Configurator

Discrete manufacturers offering customer-specific products and services look to achieve the best possible business results while offering high-quality custom products or services at competitive prices. Make profitable outcomes more likely with To-Increase Advanced Configurator, a sales- and product-based configurator designed for ease of use. Advanced Configurator enables you to flexibly configure products, services, projects, quotes, and prices.

Advanced Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics AX Advanced Configurator Advanced Configurator integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics AX, a powerful ERP system, and directly accesses the ERP system’s database.

Many configurator solutions offer limited integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and rely on proprietary databases that require time-consuming uploads of information. Advanced Configurator integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics AX, a powerful ERP system, and directly accesses the ERP system’s database. You can push configuration results quickly to any area of Microsoft Dynamics AX. By using Advanced Configurator, you can:

  • Offer guidance for building configurations and quotes in an intuitive interface with easy navigation and search.

  • Give sales employees the tools to generate complex quotes and proposals within minutes, in the formats customers prefer.

  • Automatically access information from the ERP system to simplify the quoting process.

Advanced Configurator was previously known as e-Con Sales and Product Configurator.


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