Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Elevate the business value of the supply chain with the best possible accuracy, productivity, and visibility

Supply Chain Solutions

For distributors, retailers, and manufacturers, increasing complexity of supply chains and supply chain networks combines with intense competition and changing market conditions to prompt companies to take a fresh look at the productivity of supply chain operations. Many businesses also look for more efficiency and consistency in how they serve customers, manage relationships and resources, control costs, and increase the performance of people and processes. And, at all levels of the organization, decision-makers need the ability to plan, forecast, respond to change, and enable growth, in a reliable and timely manner.

Supply Chain Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Solutions To-Increase Supply Chain Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 facilitate efficient, dependable supply chain planning and execution across all processes and areas of the value chains in which distributors, manufacturers, and retailers engage.

To-Increase Supply Chain Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 facilitate efficient, dependable supply chain planning and execution across all processes and areas of the value chains in which distributors, manufacturers, and retailers engage. That includes the warehouse, inventory management, the inbound and outbound flow of goods, information exchange and communications, and specialized systems. Supply Chain Solutions integrate with and are built on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system highly regarded for its ease of deployment and adoption, and its ability to follow the way people and companies work. The architecture of the Supply Chain Solutions is modular, so you can determine whether you want to deploy all of the functionality or scale your implementation step by step. By implementing To-Increase Supply Chain Solutions into your business, you can gain unprecedented levels of accuracy, productivity, and visibility across your entire supply chain.
Supply Chain Solutions offer an intuitive user environment that is easy to learn and navigate. Your employees can comfortably access the solution on the specialized devices and computers they already use.

Supply Chain Solutions enable you to:

  • Give all of your supply chain teams and managers a central, current, complete resource for all decisions, planning, operational management, and process optimization related to your company’s value chain network.
  • Introduce new levels of efficiency and agility by automating and standardizing workflows, and by designing optimal processes and implementing them consistently.
  • Move your business forward with a connected infrastructure that closely connects people, systems, data, and processes across the supply chain.
  • Give supervisors and managers complete visibility to direct supply chain operations for best performance and efficiency.
  • Enhance customer service with uncompromised accuracy of order fulfillment and shipping, faster turnaround times, and the ability to support customer-specific requirements with delivery rules and wave planning.
  • Simplify and accelerate communications and information exchange with suppliers, trading partners, and customers by using electronic document interchange (EDI).

Key components of the Supply Chain Solutions suite are Warehouse Management,  Supply Chain Design, and Supply Chain Integration. Supply Chain Solutions deliver advanced supply chain management across a broad spectrum of industries, and have proved to be a particularly excellent fit for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers.


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