Meet To-Increase at Convergence EMEA 2015 in Barcelona!

Have you made arrangements for your trip to Microsoft Convergence…
24 November 2015/by Edward

To-Increase Enterprise Asset Management gets a great review in a well-known Microsoft Dynamics AX blog

It’s a great day for us when somebody who knows Microsoft Dynamics…
19 November 2015/by Edward

Mitigating IoT risks and ensuring data integrity are key for the productivity of cross-company collaboration

As more and more companies collaborate with the businesses in…
23 September 2015/by Luciano

Enterprise-level, extensible mobility is now part of To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We replaced the mobile data collection functionality in To-Increase…
21 September 2015/by Martijn

Food production planning becomes more intuitive and controlled with the new Visual Sequencer in To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution for Microsoft

In food production, taking control of machinery to ensure optimal…
18 September 2015/by Martijn

Logistics enhanced and more versatile for food companies running To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The latest release of To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution…
17 September 2015/by Martijn

Container management simpler and more effective in the latest release of To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The recently released new version of To-Increase Food Manufacturing…
16 September 2015/by Martijn

More powerful planning, logistics, and mobile capabilities for companies using To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution

We developed a new version of our food industry solution, To-Increase…
15 September 2015/by Martijn

Comparing BPM solutions in To-Increase RapidValue is now a simple, automated, time-saving function

When you need to determine the differences between business process…
11 September 2015/by Petur

BPM with new Release Management feature in To-Increase RapidValue maintains the integrity of your processes and compliance efforts

Implementing effective standards is critical for the success…
10 September 2015/by Petur

Countdown to AX 7: Top 10 reasons for cloud deployment

What does the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics AX, launched in the cloud first, supported with industry-specific functionality and apps from To-Increase, mean for businesses? In addition to cost savings and efficiencies, improved scalability and security, extending ERP into a collaborative environment will open many opportunities for companies and their customers and trading partners. Recent reporting on the state of ERP confirms that more and more businesses understand that ERP in the cloud is to their advantage. Here’s a summary of the main reasons cloud-based ERP is a good thing.
19 August 2015/by Luciano

BPM crosses borders more easily with enhanced multilanguage features in To-Increase RapidValue

Stronger multilanguage functionality in the newest release of To-Increase RapidValue for Microsoft Dynamics AX includes translations of record titles, business processes and their elements, and the choices in lookup forms. Easily activated and displayed, the new multilanguage options make it much easier for team members to collaborate in their company’s business process management (BPM) efforts when they are most familiar with a language that is not English. These multilanguage capabilities also pave the way for internationally growing companies.
12 August 2015/by Petur
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