Overview - Discrete Manufacturing

Overview - Discrete Manufacturing

Maximize operational efficiency and grow profitably with fully integrated ERP for Discrete Manufacturers.

Overview - Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing companies thrive under complex operating conditions. Pressure to innovate. Continuous engineering changes. Broad variety of product variations and custom orders. High operating costs. Dispersed assets and resources. Tough competition. Most companies also are full-service providers that meet all of their customers’ needs, from delivering an initial quote through complete management of product lifecycles.

To-Increase Advanced Discrete Manufacturing Overview - Discrete Manufacturing With To-Increase Advance Discrete Manufacturing, you can anticipate and respond to customer needs and market demands, automate processes, and connect internal procedures across centralized and decentralized deployment scenarios.

Address these challenges with the To-Increase Advanced Discrete Manufacturing Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can now anticipate and respond to customer needs and market demands, automate processes, and connect internal procedures across centralized and decentralized deployment scenarios. The solution supports integration between engineering and operations, lean manufacturing phases, a project-based manufacturing approach, and profitable after-sales service.

Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems at the core of the business management infrastructure, it integrates with widely-used Microsoft technologies to deliver a familiar user experience and increase the relevance of existing IT investments. You can see rapid time to value with a standardized deployment that also meets your unique needs.

Advanced Discrete Manufacturing Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The Advanced Discrete Manufacturing Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can help you turn a volatile mix of challenges and opportunities into a well-balanced, connected enterprise. For example, you can:

  • Protect margins, quality, and timelines using a fully integrated engineering change request (ECR) and engineering change order (ECO) process.
  • Monitor cost, progress, and fulfillment with dashboards and flexible analysis tools.
  • Manage concurrent engineering and procurement for items with long lead times.
  • Reduce inventory levels and cost with real-time views of work in progress and planned service calls.
  • Connect design and engineering with bi-directional integration to existing computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and product data management (PDM) systems.
  • Collaborate with suppliers, contractors, and customers by using flexible electronic document interchange (EDI) templates and capabilities.
  • Win and support long-term service contracts with end-to-end equipment and field resource management.

The Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution helps you streamline your processes so you can: 

  • Reduce costs and inventory by implementing production optimization and controlling ongoing projects more closely. 
  • Control research and development (R&D) costs by increasing insight into R&D projects. 
  • Gain control of product configuration management to use common components better and offer a large variety of products with few standard parts. 
  • Respond quickly to changing customer needs and reduce time-to-market by introducing a more efficient process for project estimates and quotes.

To-Increase Recognized

Cioreviewtop 20_manufacturingtechnologyaward

To-Increase was selected as one of CIOreview Magazine's Top 20 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Providers. The award, announced in November 2013, was highlighted in both print and online editions of CIOReview magazine and included a full-page interview with To-Increase CEO Cornelis Bosch.

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Discrete Manufacturer?

IEM NAV Read How Manufactures Get Ready for the Future


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    To-Increase just finished producing a series of videos about the product engineering and product lifecycle management (PLM) integration in Advanced Discrete Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX. These videos are a great introduction for anybody who wants to understand how we facilitate effective product engineering and PLM, so pull up a chair and watch. Read the full story

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    How Takt Time Helps You Avoid Waste and Optimize Production

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    In lean thinking, takt time gives you a production rhythm that maintains an optimal, waste-free flow to satisfy customer demand. In some ways, takt time is a radical idea because it goes against the ingrained habit of producing above demand to protect against unforeseen circumstances. Many discrete manufacturers, even construction companies, implement takt time concepts to their advantage, managing projects at a different level of discipline and structure. To-Increase solutions support lean practice and takt time with the right levels of control and flexibility. Read the full story

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    Scope Management with To-Increase Solutions Ensures Successful and Profitable Delivery of Construction and Manufacturing Projects

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    In project-based companies that perform manufacturing or construction, scope changes can make all the difference between profit and loss on a project, and also between fully meeting a customer’s needs and not achieving optimal customer satisfaction. When scope changes are not managed well, they easily turn into scope creep, a frequent reason for projects to come in at a loss, late, and with poor customer reception. However, when you perform scope management with To-Increase solutions, you can ensure that scope changes maintain the profitability of projects and happy customers. Read the full story

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    3D Printing Revolutionizes Manufacturing Innovation

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    Many of the manufacturers we work with to help them get the best business value from ERP have been using 3D printing for quite some time to model products and components. As we discuss in a video co-produced with strategic partner Columbus Global, the cost and efficiency advantages of 3D printing mean it’s poised to take off. Read the full story

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    Making Mobility Pay off for Manufacturing ERP

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    People want to take advantage of technology to access information and ERP capabilities anytime. Mobility today is an essential business enabler. In a video we co-produced with strategic partner Columbus Global, we discuss mobility and how our apps support it. Read the full story

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    Powerful, Modern ERP Poised for Takeoff in Asia

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    On a recent trip to Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam, we found that powerful, industry-enabled ERP in Asia is gaining momentum very quickly. Preparing for the move away from legacy ERP systems, many companies in the region are ready to welcome end-to-end ERP solutions that fit with their strategy and ways of working, especially if they are affordable and can be deployed efficiently. Our partners in East and Southeast Asia are getting ready to meet rapidly increasing demand for ERP technology from Microsoft Dynamics and To-Increase. Read the full story

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    Delivering on the To-Increase Vision for Government Contracting for Microsoft Dynamics AX

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    After supporting government contracting businesses for many years, it’s time for To-Increase to incorporate its expertise and industry vision into new solution capabilities. Our developer teams are working on new government contracting functionality; we expect to share exciting news in this regard through the next few months and the rest of the year. In summary, what we are doing for U.S. federal government contracting is bringing full compliance enablement to ERP, providing optimized business processes and industry solutions, and developing apps and capabilities to transform the digital relationships and performance management in government contracting companies. Read the full story

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    Sponsorship of CEO Forum 2014 Informs To-Increase Solution Enhancement for AEC and Government Contracting Markets

    posted on 17-04-2014 16:49 by Bill Anderson
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    Following an invitation by Microsoft, To-Increase is sponsoring the CEO Forum 2014 facilitated by FMI Corporation and Farkas Berkowitz & Company in Washington, DC, April 29 and 30. We look forward to meeting and learning from the leadership of 100 government contracting and architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies. Having supported government contracting and the AEC vertical for many years, To-Increase always finds a lot of value in hearing about companies’ experience firsthand. Read the full story

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    The Three Main Advantages of the Internet of Things for Manufacturers

    posted on 05-02-2014 00:05 by Luciano Cunha
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    As we mentioned in our post on February 6, there are many possible ways the internet of things can benefit manufacturers. From product development to delivery and after-sales service, connected devices show the potential of huge advantages. There are three main areas of benefit for manufacturers associated with the internet of things—the design, development, and manufacture of products; tracking and improving products throughout their lifecycle; and the management of the assets used in the process. Read the full story

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    Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise Builds Global ERP Infrastructure to Manage Growth and Serve Customers Better

    posted on 24-01-2014 18:02 by Edward Rozendaal
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    When the IT environment at Wheelabrator Group, the surface preparation equipment manufacturing leader, became inefficient, the company decided to replace all legacy systems with one single, integrated ERP solution for the global organization. Wheelabrator chose Microsoft Dynamics AX with To-Increase Industrial Equipment Manufacturing over SAP and Baan. Read the full story

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    Use Connected ERP to Take Advantage of the Coming Mobile Robotics in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations

    posted on 16-01-2014 22:53 by Luciano Cunha
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    That knock on your door may be an employee looking for more interesting work. Or it could be a mobile robot looking for something to do. Driven by recent innovation, mobile robotics is poised to take off in manufacturing and the supply chain over the next few years. If you take advantage of it, you may end up with happier workers doing more rewarding jobs, and with greater productivity overall. To-Increase ERP software tools can help you make this transition in a controlled, efficient manner. Read the full story

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    Targeted, High-Value Apps in the Context of an End-to-End ERP Vision

    posted on 15-01-2014 17:39 by Luciano Cunha
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    In addition to solution suites to support certain industries, systems integration, or business process management, To-Increase creates apps, targeted solutions that address critical business issues. When we do this, we always maintain the end-to-end context of the entire operation and a full-fledged ERP infrastructure that customers can evolve and complete at their own pace. Companies are not compelled to invest in solution features they do not need, and neither will we leave them stranded with stand-alone solutions that cannot connect within the framework of a comprehensive business management system. We enable them to make use of the functionality at the time it is of value for them, and they can add to it when they need more. Read the full story

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    Equipment manufacturer deploys integrated ERP system to support business transformation

    posted on 07-01-2014 22:38 by Edward Rozendaal
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    Like other manufacturing companies, WEMO aims to adjust to changing customer preferences and market drivers. The company made a strategic decision to become more competitive by cutting its lead times for customer delivery in half. The way to accomplish that was to transform a more traditional, department organization into fast-moving project teams. To realize this ambitious goal, WEMO relies extensively on To-Increase Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Microsoft Dynamics NAV in an integrated ERP infrastructure that supports WEMO’s processes and helps employees control and direct every single activity with a view toward achieving the company’s main objective. Read the full story

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